FOMO Ducks are the first inhabitants of Highstreet World, a vast metaverse filled with adventure and commerce. 

When the first human scientists entered Highstreet through a mysterious rift opening decades ago, the ducks welcomed them with open wings and formed an alliance to develop technological break throughs  including an innovative Phygital Marketplace no species had ever imagined. This partnership remained secret for decades, but is finally being revealed to the public in phases.

The first step was to let humans have their first home on the main continent Solera, in a luxurious tower called The Solarium. It was a huge success! Humans can now have their own residence inside Highstreet City. They started to acclimate to the atmosphere, interact with their peers and craft their own safe space. 

Humans and ducks wouldn’t stop there. Now they’ve built something unique to celebrate their alliance  Highstreet Campus. A cutting edge center where both societies can co-exist, trade, and interact with each other. A special place for knowledge, fun and of course, shopping!

To be continued...


Forever FOMO Duck Squad represents the genesis explorers of Highstreet World, made up of 7,500 procedurally generated (and 500 celebrity-inspired) ducks designed to have continuing utility within our metaverse.

To join the squad and get all the benefits of being an early community member, get a duck!

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